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Review: Gauci Organic Candles

I am obsessed with lighting candles and will always have some burning around the house. The smell and relaxing lighting is just perfect after a busy day to unwind and chill out so I was extremely happy to be sent some from Gauci Organic Candles that not only looked so bright and vibrant but smelt absolutely amazing as well!

I thought this tied in quite nicely with my health posts this month because relaxing and de-stressing is an essential part of staying healthy and looking after yourself.

Gauci Organic Candles are made right here in Cardiff and each candle is hand poured and made from soya wax – they are 100% vegetable! They make environmentally friendly products that don’t use Paraffin or other nasty chemicals. The wax is further enhanced with botanical oils which adds to its performance and characteristics.

Gauci Candles offer a big range  such as Flowers and Herbs, Sweets and Treats and the Aromatherapy range. My favourite definitely has to be the Cardiff range which includes brilliantly named products such as Barry Island Berries, Grangetown Grapes, Roath Park Roses and Rosemary Rhiwbina to name a few.

I received two candles – the green is £6.50 from the Cardiff range and is called Tom Jones Green Green Grass! I am not sure which the heart shaped one is but it smells really fruity and delicious.

Gauci Candles

I wish I could bottle up the smell of these candles and include them in this post because my words on here will definitely not describe how good these smell!

The prices of the candles range depending on the size and colour that you go for and start from £2.50 and go all the way up to £120.

For more information visit:


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